Jerry Lott (1938-1983)

“I didn’t yell on the first take, but I yelled on the second, and blew one of the controls off the wall. I’m telling ya, it was wild. The drummer lost one of his sticks, the piano player screamed and knocked his stool over, the guitar player’s glasses were hanging sideways over his eyes, he looked like he was hypnotized”

Jerry Lott passed away on the 4th September 1983, aged 45. He had been paralysed from the neck down since 1966 when he found himself in a mangled car six hundred feet down a South Carolina mountainside. Success and wealth had largely eluded Mr. Lott.

In 1958 “the Phantom” distilled the entirety of Rock & Roll up to that point and beyond into a ninety second yearning, churning, dangerous, sweaty, sultry, unsurpassed attack! A mighty explosion in song that would leave more successful lights comparatively cowering in its soaking glory. It took two takes.

I’m repeating myself, you were already privileged to be in possession of this knowledge. Fare-thee-well, friends.



Further Reading: Exhibit AExhibit B. Listen: Exhibit C.


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